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Visions of Dreamland

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Scott Bragg
10 September 1971
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(Holy crap this is out of date, by almost 6 years. Taking suggestions on updates!)

(Ok, this bio is disturbingly out of date. I'll be back soon to fix that.)
I'd like to welcome the newest member of my family to this planet: Galen Aneurin Bragg. That's right, I'm a poppa now!

Here's the little podling now, almost 6 years later!

I'm even longer haired, fuller bearded, rounder bellied than the last time I updated this. I'm still taking pictures, editing videos (edited this for DragonConTV 2010: Klingon Apartment [DCTV 2010])

About a year ago I completely rebuilt my site. Same url, a lot of new posts.Dreamland Visions

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